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Who is your favorite fabric designer?


Everyone likes different fabrics! Tell me who your favorite designer is!


Cosmetic Bags


I’ve rolled out my new batch of cosmetic bags! They are all a little bit different, but are similar visually in that they are boxy, zippered, and super super super cute!

Click the image to see more photos and info!

Orange Cosmetic Bag with Green Zipper

Baby Blankies!


Everyone loves baby blankies. They are so soft and snuggly!

These baby blankies are made of two layers of snuggle flannel. They will keep the little one warm while still being flexible enough to fold into your diaper bag.

Perfect for: car seat cover, nursing cover, swaddler, nap time!

Click the image for more pictures and info!

Large Snuggle Flannel Baby Swaddler

I’ve added some to my Etsy shop, go take a look. Right now they are 20% off!