Contemplating a name change


Ok, so I’ve been thinking: Tiny Sewing Empire is kind of pissing me off. I’m not sure why. I’m thinking of overhauling my name/website/everything about my sewing to something that pisses me off less. I know this doesn’t make much sense, but I’ve been thinking – T is pretty low on the alphabet food chain. For example, when I was doing the Sew, Mama, Sew giveaways, by the time I got to the letter “L” I was getting tired, and it was FREE STUFF we’re talking about here. I can  imagine someone scanning a bunch of site links and passing out before they get a chance as to where to start. Also, I want to get little tags for the stuff I make and TinySewingEmpire is just too big.

Therefore, I’m thinking of a name change to something shorter, and earlier in the alphabet. Luckily I have been lazy about branding so it’s not like I’m changing my name from Oprah to Annie or something. What do you guys think?

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  1. This is a tough one! I, too, have thought about changing my name a little tête-à-tête to something much easier for people to spell and type out (“tetetetetetete”) I mean, what was I thinking? lol I decided to go to a dot com, so I’m stuck now. And, I like it.

    I don’t think it would be a big deal if you did. What were you thinking of changing it to?

    • I’m not sure yet. I really like TSE for a name but it’s just so long, and it won’t fit onto little tag things very well without taking up too much space. All I know right now is something shorter. 🙂 And in the first half of the alphabet!

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