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Pictures coming soon…hopefully


I’ve been sewing like nobody’s business, and have no pictures to show the fruits of my labor. Not that I haven’t tried – I’ve taken tons of photos, but the lighting is always weird, the colors aren’t right, blurry, etc. I’m thinking I might have to either 1) invest in a non-crappy camera, or 2) invest in someone to take some photos for me. I just took a look at my Etsy store and nearly burst into tears, because not only are the photos super lame, I don’t have ANY of my new stuff in there!!

So my goal for this week is to get some better photos to show what I’ve been doing!


Cosmetic Bags


I’ve rolled out my new batch of cosmetic bags! They are all a little bit different, but are similar visually in that they are boxy, zippered, and super super super cute!

Click the image to see more photos and info!

Orange Cosmetic Bag with Green Zipper